Pest & Disease Management

Diagnosing and treating any diseased or pest ridden trees

There are many forms of diseases and pests that challenge our trees in South Australia. A professional arborist service like ours has the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem and treat it successfully.  It’s important to note, that the longer a disease or pest is left to infect a tree or plantation, the harder it is to save them. If you are concerned about your trees call us on 0476 667 999 for a diagnosis.

The most common pests we treat in Adelaide are Borers and Elm Leaf Beetles.


Borers is the name given to a variety of pests who lay eggs that hatch and bore into the tree trunk and branches. This boring cuts off the ability of the tree to push nutrients to its branches and outer limbs. This weakens the branches leading to possible limb loss.  If enough damage is done to the trunk of the tree you can lose the entire tree.  Early intervention is the best option for saving these trees.

Elm Leaf Beetles

If the leaves of your elm tree have holes or ‘skelton’ leaves, it may have elm leaf beetles. It’s unlikely that the beetles will destroy all the leaves of your tree but they can effect the growth of trees and without proper treatment may kill the tree within a couple of years. If you have beautiful old elm trees, act quickly to ensure they stay healthy.

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